Commerical and Experimental Video games: research, art and exhibit
3D Elevator Video Game
A Game that helps paitents who has Claustrophobia
Humane Way of Torture
This video game series is called "Humane Way of Torture:  Video Game".   I have designed it on xBox360 using XNA.  The object of the game is to keep the person alive through thresholds of pain where the possible outcome is death.   This video game shows torturing  and different torturing techniques.   It also goes through the history of torturing.   I am only showing one of the games here.   Some of the featured torturing techniqes are Iron Maiden, Water Boarding, Flaying, Crucifixion, Spanish Donkey, solitary confinement, Heretic Fork and more. Heretic fork and more. 
Simple AI Footbal game.
King of Forset
This video game is about the Swedish forest and the animals who live in it.  You play a moose on the loose (.... love the rhyming :) in the dark Swedish forest at night.  Other than that, all I can tell you about playing the game is that Boar is one of your many enemies, and that it is a puzzle game where you interact with nature and other animals and much more.  It is a very fun game!
This spin-off from a maze game is a game that plays up, down, right and left.   This game is supposed to make the player nauseous.  It experiments with the senses and emotions.
Various Games
This is a video game I made while working for a game studio in Sweden.  It was designed for xBox360 and PC.  The video game is about Vikings raiding various towns in Europe.  You control a Viking fleet and the Vikings in a mix of RTS-FPS style.  The game tries to accurately portray history.  On the team I modeled animation, Level Design, VFX and 3D. 


MORE of my Video Game Work or Commerical Work can be requested. Some of them are for EA, SONY, Microsoft and others. I can't show them here due to Coprright Laws and contract agreement.